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Jenny Brown 

Dip. Couns MBACP Accredited Counsellor & Intuitive Psychotherapist

About Me

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My name is Jenny Brown and I am a (BACP) British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy Accredited Counsellor & Intuitive Psychotherapist working in Droitwich- I am within easy access to Junction 5 of the M5 and Bromsgrove. 


Thank you for visiting my website- I hope it will help you to embark on your counselling
journey. I am a warm, perceptive, and compassionate therapist with a passion for helping
clients to heal and move forward in their lives.

I provide a confidential and therapeutic space whereby you can talk and make sense of
whatever is causing you distress. I use my natural intuition, advanced empathy, and clear
insight to help you to understand what could be holding you back in life.

As a committed and experienced therapist; I work with an integrative approach, that
considers all aspects of the individual. These aspects include emotional, psychological,
behavioural, and physical. 

It can be transformative to be heard, accepted, and understood without the fear of being
judged, or misunderstood. I view therapy as a powerful journey that can lead to a greater
understanding of ourselves, recovering from an array of issues- past and present. Thus,
enabling perspective, well-being, and peace of mind.

By being able to talk in a safe and confidential setting, you will be able to talk about issues
and difficulties as short or long-term as you require. You do not need to be in a crisis to
benefit from therapy, it can be extremely useful for personal development, self-awareness, complete realisation of one's potential, and the full development of one's abilities and appreciation for life. 

I am ardent about developing a strong therapeutic relationship with my clients and have
witnessed remarkable changes due to the importance of this crucial factor in the healing
process. My clients find that therapy offers them, for the first time, the experience of talking about issues that they never expected to be able to discuss. Therapy enables you to be heard and accepted unconditionally without the risk of being judged or criticised.

This ultimately allows healing and change to take place- therefore, issues can be worked through and resolved. 

I see it as a huge privilege to help people in this way and am always touched by the courage clients show when they enter therapy. I am genuinely inspired by the resilience and power of the human spirit.

I have an innate, empathic awareness of where clients are in their world and instinctively
know how to help facilitate healing, growth, and change. I do this whilst respecting your free will, creativity, and potential. I emphasize looking at the person as a whole, a unique being with their frame of reference within their environment. 


I utilise my natural intuition and awareness to help in working with the whole of a person on various levels- including mind, body, and soul- all of which are needed for an optimal
healthy and harmonious life. I am committed to being responsive to the needs of individual clients, and tailor my work to your needs, also recognising that these needs may change over time


My modality of working is Person-Centred integrative therapy whereby my clients are the
most important part of therapy and developing trust and a frame of reference- being open to all parts of the individual, is key. I integrate approaches from a number of sources to find tailored solutions that fit the particular needs of the person who comes to me for help, support, and healing.


I welcome informal enquiries via email or phone (please check your junk mail, if you haven't had a response from me within 48 hours).

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“During my initial consultation with Jenny, I knew she was the right Counsellor for me. I immediately felt at ease, comfortable and able to speak freely about feelings and experiences that had caused great upset and anxiety in my life.

Get In Touch

07926 628323

I welcome informal enquiries via email or by phone (Please check your junk mail if you haven't had a response from me within 24 hours).

I also accept EAP (Employee Assistance Program) referrals.


I'll contact you soon

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