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"I went to Jenny for help after a significant relationship breakdown and an ongoing struggle with anxiety. Jenny’s warm personality made me comfortable enough to open up and discuss things I did not feel able to talk about with friends and family.


Jenny helped me unpick tight knots and enabled me to gain a greater understanding and awareness of my own mind which I would not have been able to achieve on my own. Jenny used different techniques in a holistic manner to suit my individual needs and as a result of, my mind now feels stronger and has more clarity than it has for many years."

"During my initial consultation with Jenny, I knew she was the right Counsellor for me. I immediately felt at ease, comfortable and able to speak freely about feelings and experiences that had caused great upset and anxiety in my life. 


Jenny’s approach is personable, calm, relaxed, professional and most importantly, totally none judgemental. Jenny and I very quickly built a rapport and from that, a sense of openness, mutual respect and trust formed between us. Each session ran seamlessly from one to the next. Jenny was always mindful and aware of what had been discussed before and even though a week or two would have passed from one meeting to the next, our conversations always felt lucid and comfortable.


Jenny challenged me when needed but always in a positive, constructive and collaborative way and I always felt safe and secure, even when talking about difficult experiences, thoughts and feelings. Jenny provided honest and open feedback on how she felt I was responding to therapy as well as providing additional material and literature to help me at home, which was invaluable. 


Jenny helped me unlock my potential, it was always there but I didn’t know how to access and harness it. Throughout our sessions together, Jenny gave me the insight and ‘tools’ that enabled me to accept myself and grow. I became able to process my thoughts clearly and able to move on from the negative behaviours and feelings that were holding me back in life.


Since counselling with Jenny, I have transformed my life on many levels, all for the positive. My relationships are healthier and I feel more confident and content. I’ve even started a brand new career that I absolutely love. Life is good and I can say, for the first time in a long time, that I actually like myself. 


If you’re thinking of Counselling, I honestly can’t recommend Jenny highly enough. She is an extremely credible and a very caring Counsellor that helps you access your inner strength, enabling you to rebuild from the inside out."

 "Jenny is such a warm, caring person who instantly puts you at ease. The help and advice that she gave me is a work in progress but she gave me the tools to move forward on my own and helped me change my perspective on the issues that I was facing."

"Jenny is wonderful! I was in a state of confusion and despair when I first met her. I felt lost and hopeless and spent the first couple of sessions crying and pouring my heart out. In Jenny’s company, I felt safe and comfortable. I was able to admit and speak aloud many thoughts and fears I’d never expressed before. Jenny wasn’t judgemental. Her care, warmth, infectious positivity and kindness helped me through those early days. I’m in a much happier place today thanks to Jenny. It hasn’t been an easy, or smooth journey. But Jenny has been my rock throughout; both in-person and at the end of the phone. I feel much stronger and able to appreciate the positives and face any difficulties in life. Jenny has helped me to challenge my thinking and understand myself better. So, I’m now able to make better choices for myself and those around me. Jenny is one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. She’s professional, understanding, relatable and knowledgeable. She has a way of knowing when to encourage and when to challenge. Her ability to come up with relatable analogies and metaphors is fantastic. I saw three other counsellors on and off over ten years before finding Jenny. I can’t rate her highly enough. I’m enormously grateful to have Jenny’s support through my journey of personal growth and in working through difficult emotional issues and experiences."

I was recommended by a friend, and I wish I would have met Jenny a long time ago. Having sessions with her really have transformed my life and improved my emotional well being. I have had two types of counselling before but I didn’t make the progress that I have with Jenny. She gets to the root of the problem and explores how past experiences have impacted on you and then, most importantly, supports you in how to address this and move on with your life. Sometimes it’s such simple things but they make all the difference. We have used a wide range of approaches and techniques and this has been so useful. I have felt comfortable in all my sessions with Jenny and never felt judged. I would definitely recommend her!!

From the initial consultation with Jenny, I immediately felt at ease with her and could sense what a warm, empathetic person she is. Jenny helped me immensely in exploring the emotions I was going through and what was causing them and together we worked on my personal boundaries and the importance of being kind to myself! I was amazed at how Jenny could remember everything we'd spoken about from one session to the next, even down to names etc. I'm so glad I picked up the phone to Jenny for that initial consult, she has helped me in so many ways and I'm truly grateful.

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